Parametric studies of a small-scale supersonic chemical oxygen-iodine laser (COIL) Conference Paper uri icon


  • Parametric studies of the gain and the power of a small scale supersonic chemical oxygen- iodine laser are presented. The laser is of 5 cm long active medium, and utilizes a simple sparger-type O 2 (1 (Delta)) chemical generator and a medium size pumping system. A grid nozzle is used for iodine injection and supersonic expansion. 45 W of CW laser emission at 1315 nm are obtained in the present experiments. The small size and the simple structure of the laser system and its stable operation for long periods make it a convenient tool for studying parameters important for high power supersonic iodine lasers and for comparison to model calculations. The gain and the lasing power are studied as a function of the molar flow rates of the various reagents, and conditions are found for optimal operation. Good agreement is found between the experimental results and calculations based on a simple …

publication date

  • March 31, 1995