Classically and Quantum stable Emergent Universe from Conservation Laws Academic Article uri icon


  • It has been recently pointed out by Mithani-Vilenkin that certain emergent universe scenarios which are classically stable are nevertheless unstable semiclassically to collapse. Here, we show that there is a class of emergent universes derived from scale invariant two measures theories with spontaneous symmetry breaking (s.s.b) of the scale invariance, which can have both classical stability and do not suffer the instability pointed out by Mithani-Vilenkin towards collapse. We find that this stability is due to the presence of a symmetry in the "emergent phase", which together with the non linearities of the theory, does not allow that the FLRW scale factor to be smaller that a certain minimum value $a_0$ in a certain protected region.

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  • August 22, 2016

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