Tensile flow of austenitic stainless steel after thermal aging in hydrogen atmosphere Academic Article uri icon


  • Blanchard and Troiano [1], Whiteman and Troiano [2], Holzworth [3], Kolts [4] Eliezer et. al.[5], Hanninen and Hakkarainen [6], Narita et. al.[7] and others (8, 9) have shown that considerable hydrogen embrittlement (HE) or hydrogen-induced degradation of properties (HIDP) may be produced in any austenitic staniless steel (ASS), however, stable with respect to deformation maternsite, provided two conditions were met:(1) supply of environmentalHat high input fugacities;(2) build-up of large concentrations of internal H across a significant part of the specimen's cross-section, rather than in some shallow sub- surface layer. These results, while essentially correct, apparently led to the still popular view that high charging fugacities of internal H contents are a prerequisite to considerable H effects in AGS. Thus, relatively little interest v. as left, the purpose of this study was to …

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  • February 21, 1984