Editorial from Guest Editor (Thematic Issue: The Role of Anti-Inflammatory Drugs in Respiratory Diseases) Academic Article uri icon


  • Inflammation has long been considered a major pathogenesis in pulmonary diseases. COPD, asthma and almost all interstitial lung diseases who triggered by different factors exposure with genetic susceptibility are characterized by diverse inflammatory response and results in varied pulmonary injury. As such pharmaceutical companies and funding agencies are in the race to investigate and develop new drugs and FDA approval for treatment. Interestingly, not much has been changed in the past 20 years in this area and still we are using corticosteroids as the mainstay of therapy. The last 2-3 years has brought a significant change in this. Perhaps because of recent studies demonstrating the underlying mechanisms, or perhaps due to advances in the science biological drugs, we are entering a new era of antiinflammatory care. Numerous clinical trials of anti-inflammatory therapies …

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  • January 1, 2014