Nonimaging optical designs for maximum-power-density remote irradiation Academic Article uri icon


  • Designs for flexible, high-power-density, remote irradiation systems are presented. Applications include industrial infrared heating such as in semiconductor processing, alternatives to laser light for certain medical procedures, and general remote high- brightness lighting. The high power densities inherent to the small active radiating regions of conventional metal-halide, halogen, xenon, microwave-sulfur, and related lamps can be restored with nonimaging concentrators with little loss of power. These high flux levels can then be transported at high transmissivity with light channels such as optical fibers or lightpipes, and reshaped into luminaires that can deliver prescribed angular and spatial flux distributions onto desired targets. Details for nominally two-and three-dimensional systems are developed, along with estimates of optical performance.

publication date

  • January 1, 1998