Self-Replicating Amphiphilic β-Sheet Peptides Academic Article uri icon


  • Several different non-enzymatic molecular replication systems have been prepared and analyzed, including nucleic acids, fatty acids, peptides, and organic molecules.[1–11] This research was evidently motivated by the chemists enthusiasm to shine light on plausible scenarios that may have lead to the origin of life on earth and early molecular evolution,[12– 19] and it also provided new opportunities for understanding fundamental principles, such as molecular recognition and autocatalysis. The study of non-enzymatic replication has been expanded recently beyond autocatalysis, to small molecular networks, in which the replication is also a product of template-assisted cross-catalysis.[10] The design of replicating peptides has centered mainly on helical coiled-coil structures,[20–26] in which monomeric or dimeric peptides, twenty-five to forty amino acids in length, serve as …

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  • August 24, 2009