Photodissociation Dynamics of Vinyl Cyanide Studied by Chirped-Pulse Millimeter-Wave Spectroscopy of HCN and HNC Products Conference Paper uri icon


  • Abstract Vinyl cyanide 193 nm photodissociation has been studied using Chirped-Pulse Millimeter-Wave (CPmmW) spectroscopy. J= 0-1 transitions of more than 30 vibrationally excited states of the HCN and HNC products have been recorded and assigned within the 7 GHz wide chirp range. Bending excitations of HCN up to v_2= 14, leading toward the HCN leftrightarrow HNC isomerization transition state, are detected and interpreted in terms of their electric quadrupole,(eQq) _ {N}, and rotational, B_v, constants. The photolysis reaction transition states were probed using both normal vinyl cyanide, CH_2= CHCN, and its singly- deuterated isotopologue, CH_2= CDCN. The observed difference in the vibrational population distribution (VPD) obtained from the integrated intensities of the HCN and DCN products from the CH_2= CHCN vs. CH_2= CDCN photolysis reactions, suggests the …

publication date

  • June 1, 2013