Victor Kandinsky, MD: psychiatrist, researcher and patient Academic Article uri icon


  • In the history of world psychiatry, and especially in Russian psychiatry, several famous figures have contributed to the discipline of psychiatry, and left their names as eponyms. One of them, Victor Kandinsky (1849–1889), is associated with a clinical syndrome named after him, a syndrome still diagnosed in European psychiatry. It is interesting to note that in American psychiatry Kandinsky's name is connected with a completely different clinical state (Lerner, Kaptsan and Witztum 2001). In this paper we present biographical data concerning Kandinsky as physician, researcher and mental patient. The information about Kandinsky's life, work and illness was collected from different sources such as his works, letters, biography, memories of friends and relatives, and medical documents. Medieval authors used supernatural explanations for mental disorders, for example, possession by the …

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  • January 1, 2003