The Krzyz Problem and Polynomials with Zeros on the Unit Circle Academic Article uri icon


  • Let $ \Pi_{n,M} $ be the class of all polynomials $ p(z) = \sum _{0}^{n} a_{k}z^{k} $ of degree n which have all their zeros on the unit circle $ |z| = 1$ , and satisfy $ M = \max _{|z| = 1}|\,p(z)| $ . Let $ \mu _{k,n} = \sup _{p\in \Pi _{n,M}} |a_{k}| $ . Saff and Sheil-Small asked for the value of $\overline {\lim }_{n\rightarrow \infty }\mu _{k,n} $ . We find an equivalence between this problem and the Krzyz problem on the coefficients of bounded non-vanishing functions. As a result we compute $$ \overline {\lim }_{n\rightarrow \infty }\mu _{k,n} = {{M} \over {e}}\quad {\rm for}\ k = 1,2,3,4,5.$$ We also obtain some bounds for polynomials with zeros on the unit circle. These are related to a problem of Hayman.

publication date

  • January 1, 2002