Multi-Label Classification of Patient Notes a Case Study on ICD Code Assignment. Academic Article uri icon


  • In the context of the Electronic Health Record, automated diagnosis coding of patient notes is a useful task, but a challenging one due to the large number of codes and the length of patient notes. We investigate four models for assigning multiple ICD codes to discharge summaries taken from both MIMIC II and III. We present Hierarchical Attention-GRU (HA- GRU), a hierarchical approach to tag a document by identifying the sentences relevant for each label. HA-GRU achieves state-of-the art results. Furthermore, the learned sentence- level attention layer highlights the model decision process, allows easier error analysis, and suggests future directions for improvement. Subjects: Computation and Language (cs. CL); Artificial Intelligence (cs. AI) Cite as: arXiv: 1709.09587 [cs. CL](or arXiv: 1709.09587 v1 [cs. CL] for this version) Submission history From: Tal Bbaumel [view email][v1] Wed, 27 Sep …

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  • January 1, 2017