Spectroscopy of the acetylenic C-H stretch of propyne-d(3) in the region of the second overtone Academic Article uri icon


  • Abstract The rovibrational overtone spectrum of propyne-d 3 (CD 3 C C H) in the region of the second overtone of the acetylenic C H stretch (3ν 1) was monitored employing photoacoustic laser absorption spectroscopy. Comparison of the observed spectrum with that simulated for a symmetric-top molecule revealed the assignment. The observed spectrum comprises the main parallel band, 3ν 1, overlapped by two hot bands identified as 3ν 1+ ν 10− ν 10 and 3ν 1+ 2ν 10− 2ν 10, where ν 10 is the degenerate C C C bend. The bands are resolved for the total angular momentum, allowing derivation of the parameters of the 3ν 1 state and of some of those of the hot bands.

publication date

  • January 1, 2001