Fano resonances of microwave structures with embedded magneto-dipolar quantum dots Academic Article uri icon


  • Long range dipole-dipole correlation in a ferromagnetic sample can be treated in terms of collective excitations of the system as a whole. Ferrite samples with linear dimensions smaller than the dephasing length, but still much larger than the exchange-interaction scales, are mesoscopic structures. Recently, it was shown that mesoscopic quasi-2D ferrite disks, distinguishing by multiresonance magneto-dipolar-mode (MDM) spectra, demonstrate unique properties of artificial atomic structures: energy eigenstates, eigen power-flow vortices, and eigen helicity parameters. Because of these properties, MDMs in a ferrite disk enable the confinement of microwave radiation to subwavelength scales. In microwave structures with embedded MDM ferrite samples, one can observe quantized fields with topologically distinctive characteristics. The use of a quasi-2D ferrite-disk scatterer with …

publication date

  • November 7, 2013