Mass distribution in the core of MACS J1206-Robust modeling from an exceptionally large sample of central multiple images Academic Article uri icon


  • We present a new strong lensing analysis of the galaxy cluster MACS J1206. 2− 0847 (MACS 1206), at z= 0.44, using deep spectroscopy from CLASH-VLT and VLT/MUSE archival data in combination with imaging from the Cluster Lensing and Supernova survey with Hubble. MUSE observations enable the spectroscopic identification of 23 new multiply imaged sources, extending the previous compilations by a factor of approximately five. In total, we use the positional measurements of 82 spectroscopic multiple images belonging to 27 families at z= 1.0− 6.1 to reconstruct the projected total mass distribution of MACS 1206. Remarkably, 11 multiple images are found within 50 kpc of the brightest cluster galaxy, making this an unprecedented set of constraints for the innermost projected mass distribution of a galaxy cluster. We thus find that, although dynamically relaxed, the …

publication date

  • November 1, 2017