Generating NK cell receptor-Fc chimera proteins from 293T cells and considerations of appropriate glycosylation. Academic Article uri icon


  • The use of recombinant receptors as a scientific tool has become widespread in many research fields. Of particular interest are the natural killer (NK) receptors that play a major role in the immune response against tumors and virus-infected cells. We present here (i) a detailed protocol for the production and purification of soluble recombinant NK cell receptors tagged with human IgG1-Fc (thus termed receptor-Fc chimera or receptor-Ig fusion protein) and (ii) a protocol for cell staining with these recombinant receptor-Fc chimeras. As these recombinant proteins are produced in eukaryotic cells, we further discuss the glycosylation pattern of these receptors that might interfere with their ligand-binding phenotype.

publication date

  • January 1, 2010