Extraframework sodium cation sites in sodium zeolite Y probed by sodium-23 double-rotation NMR Academic Article uri icon


  • The most commonly encountered" inorganic" charge-balancing cation found in as- synthesized zeolites is Na+. Extraframework Na+ cations play an important role in determining the adsorption, chemical, catalytic, and solid-state properties of zeolites with respect to a wide range of guests.'* 2 23Na NMR spectra, however, usually exhibit large quadrupolar broadening even upon magic angle spinning (MAS), which renders the interpretation of the experimental data difficu1t. j The newly developed double-rotation (DOR) technique removes the anisotropic broadening of quadrupolar nuclei, thereby facilitating significantly improved spectral resol~ tion.~ We report here for the first time high- resolution 23Na DOR spectra of dehydrated sodium zeolite Y, Na,, Y, and its TI+ exchanged derivatives, T1, Nas6-nY. 5 By interchanging T1+ and Na+ cations at particular locations …

publication date

  • May 1, 2002