Integer Forcing: Effective SNR Distribution and Practical Block-Based Schemes Academic Article uri icon


  • Integer Forcing (IF) is a novel linear receiver architecture, where instead of separating the codewords sent by each transmitter, and decoding them individually, forces integer-valued linear combinations at each receive antenna, and decodes the linear combinations. The original codewords are obtained by inverting the integer-valued matrix. While demonstrating superior performance, IF requires complex optimization in order to find the optimal linear combinations, and demands either using multi-level nested lattice codes, or reducing the rates of all transmitters to equal the weakest one. Finally, the distribution of the resulting effective SNR is hard to evaluate. In this paper, we first give simple upper and lower bounds on the effective SNR of a single linear combination in IF. These expressions allow us to easily bound the distribution of the effective SNR for any given linear combination used …

publication date

  • September 28, 2017