Raman characterization and UV optical absorption studies of surface plasmon resonance in multishell nanographite Academic Article uri icon


  • Nanographite (NG) particles were produced by annealing of superpurified detonation nanodiamonds (grain size ~ 5 nm) at 1600 °C. The aim of this research was to provide Raman characterization of nanographites obtained and to investigate characteristic features of UV optical absorption in NG suspensions caused by the excitation of surface plasmon resonance (SPR) and its dependence on disorder and defectiveness of graphene shells during their transformation. The 1-st and 2-nd order Raman spectra of the NG samples excited at 514 nm were analyzed. Two different approaches applied for evaluation of the in-plane NG crystallite sizes by using the D- and G-band intensities ratio gave quite different results (~ 3.5 nm and ~ 5.5 nm) reflecting, most likely, a complicated NG structure. The changes in both intensity and position of SPR absorption peak for water suspension of NG particles may originate in structural imperfections and/or changes in aggregation of NG particles.

publication date

  • January 1, 2011