Perinatal outcome of pregnancies following in vitro fertilization and ovulation induction Academic Article uri icon


  • AbstractObjective: To investigate pregnancy outcome in patient who conceived by assisted reproductive techniques.Methods: A retrospective population-based study was conducted, comparing obstetrical complications and neonatal outcomes of singleton pregnancies conceived by in vitro fertilization (IVF; n = 1296) and ovulation induction (n = 1988) as compared to singleton pregnancies conceived spontaneously (n = 172 288). Multivariable models were constructed to control for confounders.Results: A significant linear association (using the chi-square test for trends) was documented among the three groups in adverse outcomes such as gestational diabetes mellitus (17.3% in the IVF, 14.2% in the ovulation induction, 6.6% in the comparison group, p < 0.001), severe preeclampsia (2.7% in the IVF, 1.8% in the ovulation induction, 1.1% in the comparison group, p < 0.001) and perinatal mortality (3.3% in the IVF, 2.1% in the ovulation induction, 1.3% in the comparison group, p < 0.001). In vitro fertilization and ovula...

publication date

  • January 1, 2014