Developmental Timing of DNA Elimination Following Allopolyploidization in Wheat Academic Article uri icon


  • The elimination of DNA sequences following allopolyploidization is a well-known phenomenon. Yet, nothing is known about the biological significance, the mechanism, or the precise developmental timing of this event. In this study, we have observed reproducible elimination of an Aegilops tauschii allele in the genome of the second generation (S2) of a newly synthesized allohexaploid derived from a cross between Triticum turgidum and Ae. tauschii. We show that elimination of the Ae. tauschii allele did not occur in germ cells but instead occurred during S2 embryo development. This work shows that deletion of DNA sequences following allopolyploidization might occur also in a tissue-specific manner.

publication date

  • January 1, 2010