Partially melted zone microstructural characterization from gas tungsten-arc bead on plate welds of magnesium AZ91 alloy Academic Article uri icon


  • Magnesium alloys have gained increased interest in a wide variety of applications where being lightweight is important [1, 2]. The most widely used casting alloy for room temperature applications, is Mg-AZ91 alloy which contains around 9 wt% Al and 1 wt% Zn. Since suitable casting and forming techniques are available for production of structural parts, the next step in the manufacturing process is the development of inexpensive and efficient welding process. However there is meager information on welding of Mg-AZ91 alloy and further research has to be performed before it can be used for industrial applications [3]. The present work was aimed to get better understanding of the partially melted zone (PMZ)[4] found in gas tungsten-arc (GTA) welding of Mg-AZ91 alloy. To investigate the PMZ, gas tungsten-arc bead on plate welds of Mg-AZ91 alloys were performed. Samples with a …

publication date

  • January 1, 1999