Novel lasing materials based on CdSe crystals doped with Cr Conference Paper uri icon


  • Recently efficient room temperature lasing material for this IR range has been demonstrated in II-VI semiconductors doped with transition metals. These dopants incorporated into CdSe substitute metallic atoms and create deep levels in the band gap. The room temperature mid- infrared absorption in CdSe: Cr is observed due to the intracenter transtion 5 T 2→ 5 E of Cr 2+ ions. These tetrahedrally-coordinated ions are especially attractive as laser centers on account of high luminescence quantum yields for emission in the 2-3 μm range. Electrical and optical measurements are obtained with CdSe single crystals doped with chromium from a gas soruce CrSe over a wide temperature range (500-1050° C). These processes are intended to control the concentrations of the impurity and intrinsic defects. The low temperature annealing of CdSe crystals in CrSe atmosphere allows obtaining high …

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  • January 1, 2002