The effect of thermodynamic properties of Me-Ti (Me= In, Sn, Ga, Au, and Ge) melts on the wetting of the CaF2 substrate Academic Article uri icon


  • The effect of Ti additions on the wetting behavior of CaF 2 by non-reactive liquid metals (In, Sn, Ga, Au, Ge) was investigated. Pure metals do not wet CaF 2 while minor additions of Ti improve wetting. Small changes of the contact angle were observed in the CaF 2/Au–Ti and CaF 2/Ge–Ti systems, which are characterized by strong Me–Ti interaction in the melt, while considerable decrease of contact angle was obtained in the CaF 2/In–Ti, CaF 2/Sn–Ti and CaF 2/Ga–Ti systems, which display a relatively weak Me–Ti interaction. According to a thermodynamic analysis and experiential observations, Ti does not react with the substrate to form condensed phases at the metal/CaF 2 interface. Therefore, it was assumed that the mechanism of the wetting improvement is attributed to the Ti segregation at the interface. The results of the XPS analysis confirm a Ti enrichment of the region close to the interface …

publication date

  • April 1, 2010