Formation enthalpies and heat capacities of rear earth titanates: RE 2TiO 5 (RE=La, Nd and Gd) Academic Article uri icon


  • Abstract The formation enthalpies and heat capacities of orthorhombic rare earth titanates, RE 2 TiO 5 (RE= La, Nd and Gd), have been studied by high temperature differential scanning calorimetry (300–1473 K) and oxide-melt solution calorimetry. The RE 2 TiO 5 samples are stable in enthalpy with respect to their oxides and the pyrochlore RE 2 Ti 2 O 7 phase. The general trend that has been demonstrated in other RE-ternary systems; decreasing thermodynamic stability with decreasing RA/RB was found to be valid for the RE 2 TiO 5, and their enthalpies of formation from oxides become more negative with increasing RE 3+ ionic radius.

publication date

  • January 1, 2012