Dynamical Volume Element in Scale-Invariant and Supergravity Theories ∗ Academic Article uri icon


  • The use in the action integral of a volume element of the form �d D x, whereis a metric-independent measure density, can yield new inter- esting results in all types of known generally coordinate-invariant theorie s: (1) 4-D theories of gravity plus matter fields; (2) reparametrization invariant theo- ries of extended objects (strings and branes); (3) supergravity theor ies. In case (1) we obtain interesting insights concerning the cosmological constant pr ob- lem, inflation and quintessence without the fifth force problem. In case (2 ) the above formalism leads to dynamically induced tension and to string models of non-abelian confinement. In case (3), we show that the modified-meas ure super- gravity generates an arbitrary dynamically induced cosmological constant, i.e., a new mechanism of dynamical supersymmetry breaking.

publication date

  • January 1, 2013