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  • Editors: VA Aalo, Diversity and Fading Channel Theory; A. Ahlen, Demodulation and Equalization; M.-S. Alouini, Modulation and Diversity Systems; S. Ariyavisitakul, Wireless Communication; T. Aulin, Coding and Communication Theory Applications; E. Ayanoglu, Communication Theory and Coding Applications; NC Beaulieu, Wireless Communication Theory; S. Benedetto, Modulation and Signal Design; M. Brandt-Pearce, CDMA Systems; G. Caire, Multiuser Detection and CDMA; KC Chen, Wireless Data Communications; RSK Cheng, CDMA and Multiuser Systems; G. Cherubini, CDMA Systems; M. Chiani, Wireless Communication; JC-I. Chuang, Wireless Communication; MR Civanlar, Image Communication Systems; GE Corrazza, Spread Spectrum; Y. Fang, Wireless Networks; M. Fitz, Modulation and Diversity; M. Fossorier, Coding and Communication Theory; B. Girod, Image Processing; A. Goldsmith, Multiuser and …

publication date

  • December 1, 2000