The performance of a triple pressure level absorption cycle (TPLAC) with working fluids based on the absorbent DMEU and the refrigerants R22, R32, R124, R125, R134a and R152a Academic Article uri icon


  • Abstract This paper compares the performance of a single-stage triple pressure level (TPL) absorption cycle with different refrigerant–absorbent pairs. Four HFC refrigerants namely: R32, R125, R134a and R152a which are alternative to HCFC, such as R22 and R124, in combination with the absorbent dimethylethylenurea (DMEU) were considered. The highest coefficient of performance (COP) and the lowest circulation ratio (f), were found as a function of the generator temperature for a given evaporating and cooling water temperatures. The sensitivity of the COP and f for evaporator and cooling water temperatures changes at the maximum COP for the best three working fluids were also examined. It was obtained that the preferable pair is R124–DMEU and among working fluids based on HFC the preferable pair is the R125–DMEU.

publication date

  • January 1, 2008