Association of p75NTR and α9β1 integrin modulates NGF-dependent cellular responses Academic Article uri icon


  • Abstract Direct interaction of α9β1 integrin with nerve growth factor (NGF) has been previously reported to induce pro-proliferative and pro-survival activities of non-neuronal cells. We investigated participation of p75 NTR in α9β1 integrin-dependent cellular response to NGF stimulation. Using selective transfection of glioma cell lines with these receptors, we showed a strong, cation-independent association of α9 integrin subunit with p75 NTR on the cellular membrane by selective immunoprecipitation experiments. The presence of the α9/p75 NTR complex increases NGF-dependent cell adhesion, proliferation and migration. Other integrin subunits including β1 were not found in complex with p75 NTR . FRET analysis indicated that p75 NTR and α9 integrin subunit are not closely associated through their cytoplasmic domains, most probably because of the molecular interference with other cytoplasmic proteins such as paxillin. Interaction of α9β1 integrin with another ligand, VCAM-1 was not modulated by the p75 NTR . α9/p75 NTR complex elevated NGF-dependent activation of MAPK Erk1/2 arty for integrin that may create active complexes with other types of receptors belonging to the TNF superfamily.

publication date

  • January 1, 2015