P. 4.018 General error monitoring system dysfunction in obsessive compulsive disorder patients: an event-related potential study Academic Article uri icon


  • Results: Sixty-two subjects showed successful fear acquisition on day 1 and were included in the analysis (placebo= 23; citalopram= 21; atomoxetine= 18). No differences were found between the 3 groups (two-way ANOVA regarding main effects of group and time; nonsignificant). Testing on day 2 revealed no differences concerning CS+ responses between treatment groups (F2, 61= 1.93). However there was a significant main effect of group concerning CS− responses (F2, 61= 10.07; p< 0.05). Follow-up t-tests of the first two CS− trials showed significantly lower responses for the atomoxetine group (t= 2.43, t= 2.14; both p< 0.05). MHPG (3-methoxy-4-hydroxyphenylglycol, a NA metabolite) absolute change levels correlated significantly with mean CS+ and CS− difference in the first three trials for the atomoxetine group (R2= 0.28; p< 0.05), with no correlation for the placebo group. Six …

publication date

  • January 1, 2013