Modulation of interhemispheric functional connectivity by paired associative stimulation in the prefrontal cortex Academic Article uri icon


  • Methods: 30 healthy subjects were recruited for a three session, sham-controlled crossover study, receiving right to left PAS (LR PAS), right to left PAS (RL PAS) and sham on different days. The PAS protocol consisted of 210 pulse pairs with an ISI of 8 ms. Brain activity was recording with EEG prior to and following the stimulation period both at rest and in response to single pulse TMS. Results: To assess the effects of PAS, we measured the change in interhemispheric signal propagation (ISP). PAS induced an increase in ISP only in the direction of the PAS protocol (left to right for LR PAS and right to left for RL PAS) and not in the reverse direction, with a significant effect of PAS condition (p< 0.01). Additionally, at rest, LR PAS results in a decrease and RL PAS results in an increase in lateralized alpha power between the DLPFC hemispheres (two-way ANOVA (F (2, 50)= 4.254, p= 0.019)) …

publication date

  • March 1, 2017