Urine protein to creatinine ratio: a point of care for the diagnosis of preeclampsia. Academic Article uri icon


  • To determine the correlation between the urine protein-creatinine ratio (UPCR) and the 24h- UPET; and to identify the optimal threshold values of UPCR for the diagnosis of preeclampsia and its severe form. This prospective cohort study included 81 hypertensive pregnant patients who had a 24h-UPET and a UPCR tests. Two groups were created using a UPCR cut-off of 23.2 mg/mmol [negative UPCR (n= 40); positive UPCR (n= 41)]. 1) 49 patients of were diagnosed with preeclampsia, and 23 of them had a severe disease; 2) there was a significant correlation between UPCR and 24h-UPET; 3) a cut-off PUCR value of 23.2 mg/mmol had an area under the curve= 0.927, sensitivity of 89%, specificity 88%, positive predictive value 90%, a positive likelihood ratio (+ LR) of 7.41 and a negative likelihood ratio (-LR) of 0.13 for the diagnosis of preeclampsia; 4) UPCR value of 325mg …

publication date

  • October 1, 2017