Medicated chronic schizophrenic patients do not demonstrate left turning asymmetry Academic Article uri icon


  • Chronic schizophrenic participating in the study 27 Nonfunctioning patients with hospitalization 18 Moderately functioning recent hospitalization (8-30 9 Sex, F 27 Mean age, years 44(SD=ll) Diagnosis of chronic Disorganized 12 Paranoid 9 Residual 6 Years of illness 20 (SD = 8) Laterality (hand) Right 23 Mixed 3 Left 1 Laterality (hand, leg, eye, ear) RRRR 14 Mixed 13 LLLL 0 Mean baseline PANSS 99(SD = 17) Range of chlorpromazine dose of neuroleptics, mg/day 300-700 … Twenty-seven females diagnosed by the Structured Clinical Interview for DSM IV-patient version as suffering from chronic schizophrenia participated in the study. All received neuroleptic medication, no other drugs were given (ie anticholinergics etc.). The study was approved by the institutional human subjects committee, and all subjects gave their informed consent. The severity of their illness was assessed using the positive …

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  • January 1, 1997