Is super-resolution from a single image possible? Conference Paper uri icon


  • 1. Introduction Classical super resolution (SR) techniques typically employ multiple acquisitions to capture indirectly clues about high resolution (HR) details that are not explicitly visible in a single image. For instance, with the most common SR technique, with which multiple low resolution (LR) images are captured at subpixel shifts, clues about high frequencies are spread across the multiple LR images in form of aliased spectral frequencies. Then proper algorithm extracts the high resolution data from the multiple LR images, thus virtually extending the bandwidth. Notice that this kind of SR is an imaging process involving proper acquisition combined with appropriate algorithm. Unlike classical SR techniques that use multiple exposures several techniques that use only one image were proposed eg [1-4] to name just a few. In those works a HR resolution is obtained from only one LR image. Increasing the resolution from a single image may …

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  • January 1, 2010