Condensation of a bubble train in immiscible liquids Academic Article uri icon


  • We previously developed a theoretical envelope model for single bubbles condensing in immiscible liquids, in which the convection outside the bubble is conducted through boundary layers at the front of the bubble and through the wake at the rear while the bubble accelerates, and the convection is dominated by heat transfer through the wake all over the bubble while the bubble is enveloped by its own wake at decelerating. In this paper the envelop model is extended for bubble train condensing in immiscible liquids by assuming that the envelopment occurs from start, i.e., the bubble is enveloped by the previous bubble's wake right after detachment from the nozzle. The experimental results for freon-113 and hexane bubbles condensing in water confirm the assumption for injection frequencies higher than 12 bubbles per second.

publication date

  • January 1, 2006