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  • Victor Khrisanfovich Kandinsky, the son of a merchant, was born in a small village in Siberia on March 24, 1849. In 1872 he finished medical school and began to practice as a general physician in a Moscow hospital. In 1876 he became psychotic and was hospitalized. After his discharge, he turned his attention to psychiatry. As a psychiatrist, he wrote his first book, which was based on his morbid experiences. Kandinsky described the psychopathological symptoms included in the term “mental automatism”(telepathy, reading and broadcasting thoughts, enforced speaking, and enforced motor movements). This syndrome was later called the Kandinsky-Clerambault syndrome (1). Kandinsky suffered the final deterioration of his mental state in 1889. In September of that year, when he felt his psychotic symptoms were returning, he committed suicide (2). Kandinsky's main contributions to psychiatry …

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  • January 1, 2006