Isolation of fusion proteins containing SecY and SecE, components of the protein translocation complex from the halophilic archaeon Haloferax volcanii Academic Article uri icon


  • By exploiting the salt-insensitive interaction of the cellulose-binding domain (CBD) of the Clostridium thermocellum cellulosome with cellulose, purification of CBD-fused versions of SecY and SecE, components of the translocation apparatus of the halophilic archaeon Haloferax volcanii, was undertaken. Following transformation of Haloferax volcanii cells with CBD-SecY- or -SecE-encoding plasmids, cellulose-based purification led to the capture of stably expressed, membrane-bound 68 and 25 kDa proteins, respectively. Both fusion proteins were recognized by antibodies raised against the CBD. Thus, CBD–cellulose interactions can be employed as a salt-insensitive affinity purification system for the capture of complexes containing the Haloferax volcanii translocation apparatus components SecY and SecE.

publication date

  • January 1, 2003