Melon material properties and finite element analysis of melon compression with application to robot gripping Academic Article uri icon


  • The moduli of elasticity of the inner, middle, and outer portions of melon flesh {Cucumis melo reticulatus L. cv.'Superstar*) were determined using flat plate compression of cylindrical samples. The modulus of elasticity of the melon rind was determined using a tensile loading test. These values were used in a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of melon compression. The FEA predictions for deformations resulting from flat plat loading of half a melon were within 11%(average error) of the values measured in an Instron compression test at a strain rate of 25.4 mm/min. After this verification procedure, the FEA was used to predict the internal stresses and the deformations of melons handled by two types of robot grippers: a parallel plate gripper and a vv notch gripper. The maximum equivalent stresses of 66 kPa (9.6 psi) and 28.2 kPa (4.1 psi) for the parallel plate and vv-notch gripper, respectively, were …

publication date

  • January 1, 1991