"Fan-out" model and methodology for "system of systems" development Conference Paper uri icon


  • Market trends for applying ldquoSystems of Systemsrdquo (SoS) compels developers who want to advance their business to be involved in SoS programs. Although the difficulties and challenges entailed in developing SoS are numerous, the integration of varied technologies into coherent systems, interconnected in a network, brings with it an immense potential for creating new spin-off products with correspondingly new market shares. We present a novel method, designated ldquoFan-Outrdquo, to be used during SoS development. Application of the Fan-Out method together with the presented tool confers the ability to control, monitor, and direct spin-off potential on the developer, thus increasing future potential benefits. The model includes parameters affecting spin-off emergence that were mapped via the Delphi method. After running simulation cases with industry experts, the model was upgraded to fit the needs of future model users. Subsequent stages of the research will include validation of the model with real data gathered from industry.

publication date

  • January 1, 2009