Vortex-pair dynamics in anisotropic bistable media: a kinematic approach Academic Article uri icon


  • In this Letter we study vortex-pair dynamics in twodimensional anisotropic bistable media and identify a general mechanism for traveling fragments. We show that traveling fragments develop when Bloch fronts in a given direction transform into Ising fronts in the orthogonal direction. The origin of the anisotropy appears irrelevant as long as it is capable of inducing the change of front type upon rotation by �= 2. We study vortex-pair dynamics by deriving kinematic equations for a front with contour lines that form a closed loop. Equations of this kind, but for isotropic systems and infinite front lines, have been derived in Ref. [6]. They consist of coupled integro-differential equations for the front curvature and front velocity where the independent

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  • January 1, 2003