A census of star-forming galaxies in the z∼ 9-10 universe based on HST+ spitzer observations over 19 clash clusters: three candidate z∼ 9-10 galaxies and improv... Academic Article uri icon


  • We utilize a two-color Lyman-break selection criterion to search for z~ 9-10 galaxies over the first 19 clusters in the CLASH program. A systematic search yields three z~ 9-10 candidates. While we have already reported the most robust of these candidates, MACS1149-JD, two additional z~ 9 candidates are also found and have H 160-band magnitudes of~ 26.2-26.9. A careful assessment of various sources of contamination suggests lesssim 1 contaminants for our z~ 9-10 selection. To determine the implications of these search results for the luminosity function (LF) and star formation rate density at z~ 9, we introduce a new differential approach to deriving these quantities in lensing fields. Our procedure is to derive the evolution by comparing the number of z~ 9-10 galaxy candidates found in CLASH with the number of galaxies in a slightly lower-redshift sample (after correcting for the …


publication date

  • October 22, 2014