Zero-pole interpolation for meromophic matrix functions on an algebraic curve and transfer functions of 2D systems Academic Article uri icon


  • We formulate and solve the problem of constructing a meromorphic bundle map over a compact Riemann surface X having a prescribed zero-pole structure (including directional information). The output bundle together with the zero-pole data is prespecified while the input bundle and the bundle map are to be determined. The Riemann surface X is assumed to be (birationally) embedded as an irreducible algebraic curve in ℙ2 and both input and output bundles are assumed to be equal to the kernels of determinantal representations for X. In this setting the solution can be found as the joint transfer function of a Livsic-Kravitsky two-operator commutative vessel (2D input-output dynamical system). Also developed is the basic theory of two-operator commutative vessels and the correct analogue of the transfer function for such a system (a meromorphic bundle map between input and output bundles defined over an algebraic curve associated with the vessel) together with a state space realization, a Mittag-Leffler type interpolation theorem and the state space similarity theorem for such bundle mappings. A more abstract version of the zero-pole interpolation problem is also presented.

publication date

  • January 1, 1996