A Candidate $ z\sim10 $ Galaxy Strongly Lensed into a Spatially Resolved Arc Academic Article uri icon


  • Abstract: The most distant galaxies known are at z~ 10-11, observed 400-500 Myr after the Big Bang. The few z~ 10-11 candidates discovered to date have been exceptionally small- barely resolved, if at all, by the Hubble Space Telescope. Here we present the discovery of SPT0615-JD, a fortuitous z~ 10 (z_phot= 9.9+/-0.6) galaxy candidate stretched into an arc over~ 2.5" by the effects of strong gravitational lensing. Discovered in the Reionization Lensing Cluster Survey (RELICS) Hubble Treasury program and companion S-RELICS Spitzer program, this candidate has a lensed H-band magnitude of 25.7+/-0.1 AB mag. With a magnification of\mu~ 4-7 estimated from our lens models, the de-lensed intrinsic magnitude is 27.6+/-0.3 AB mag, and the half-light radius is r_e< 0.8 kpc, both consistent with other z> 9 candidates. The inferred stellar mass (log [M*/M_Sun]= 9.7^{+ 0.7} _ {-0.5} …

publication date

  • January 9, 2018