Simulation of LOWMA-3 MISTRA experiment Academic Article uri icon


  • ABSTRACT A number of integral and separate effect experiments were performed in the last two decades for validation of containment computational tools. It appears from the published literature that the predictive capability of the existing computational tools still needs to be improved. The main reasons for the discrepancies between the computed and measured results are the long time scale of a typical transient and the complexity of turbulent flow and scalar transport fields in the presence of buoyancy effects. This work examines numerically the temporal evolution of helium concentration in the experiment LOWMA-3, performed in the MISTRA facility of CEA-Saclay, France. The conditions of the experiment are such that both the momentum transport and molecular diffusion contributions to the mixing process are of the same order of magnitude (Fr~ 1). In the experiment, helium is used to mimic …

publication date

  • September 1, 2014