A Reality-Based Interaction Interface for an Agricultural Teleoperated Robot Sprayer Academic Article uri icon


  • Introducing semi-automatic teleoperation of an agricultural robotic system can enable improved erformance, overcoming the complexity that current autonomous robots face due to the dynamic and unstructured agriculture environment. A teleoperated robot can both leverage the farmers’ knowledge and experience while keeping them safe and also help the robot manage the unpredictability of the environment in the field. In this paper we describe the construction of such a teleoperated agricultural robot sprayer that is controlled through a Reality-Based Interaction interface. Two different user interfaces for teleoperating a vineyard spraying robot were experimentally evaluated. In the first condition, participants were provided with a single view (one camera) for teleoperating the robot, whereas in the second condition they had additional views (multiple cameras) supporting peripheral vision and targeted spraying. Analysis of the collected data showed that users in the additional views condition sprayed significantly more grapes and teleoperated the robot with significantly less collisions with obstacles, compared to users who did not have these aids, but also required significantly more time. Participants’ perceived usability assessments were not affected by the availability of these additional views.

publication date

  • January 1, 2014