Interface Phenomena and Wettability in the B4C/(Me-Si) Systems (Me= Cu, Au, Sn) Academic Article uri icon


  • ABSTRACT The solubility of boron in the molten alloy and the interaction of silicon dissolved in the melt with the boron carbide substrate determine the interface structure and the wetting behavior in the B4C/(Me-Si) systems. The equilibrium contact angle at the B4C/(Cu-Si) interface is affected by the composition of the near-surface layer of boron carbide that has shifted to a higher boron content. Wetting in the B4C/(Au-Si) and B4C/(Sn-Si) systems reflect the formation of a SiC interlayer, and the wetting behavior of the SiC/(Au-Si) and SiC/(Sn …

publication date

  • April 11, 2012