Spin diffusion in multiple pulse spin-locking in solids containing paramagnetic impurities Academic Article uri icon


  • Spin diffusion and spin–lattice relaxation in solids containing paramagnetic impurities under influence of a multiple-pulse spin-locking radio-frequency sequence are studied theoretically and experimentally. The diffusion equation obtained provides a clue for determination of the time dependent magnetization. The spin–lattice relaxation time is calculated as a function of the correlation time and multiple-pulse field parameters. From the experimental data the spin diffusion coefficient, the radius of the spin diffusion barrier, and the correlation time for very slow molecular motion in polycrystalline (C 2 F) n system are estimated and found to be D ∼ 7.1 × 10 − 12 cm 2 / s , r c ∼ 4.8 × 10 − 10 m , and τ c ∼ 10.2 μ s , respectively.

publication date

  • January 1, 2010