Plant performance as an indicator of water quality in constructed wetland in a hyper-arid region Academic Article uri icon


  • A worldwide increasing demand for water has stimulated efforts to treat wastewater for reuse in agriculture. Decentralized facilities for wastewater treatment have been introduced as a solution in remote areas for small communities. Constructed wetlands (CWs) offer a'green technology', avoiding energy demanding processes and environmental pollution. A CW mimics natural wetlands, cleaning wastewater as they flow through a complex of filter media, microbial fauna and vegetation. In this report, we shall present the establishment of CW in extreme dryland in the Negev desert in Israel, under EU LIFE program. The initial results of the monitoring are promising. In nearly all measurements the system succeeded as expected to reduce levels of contaminants at least to the level acceptable for irrigating fruit trees, and often to the level of unlimited irrigation.

publication date

  • January 1, 2010