Longitudinal static spin susceptibility of the Heisenberg ferromagnet at T < T_C Academic Article uri icon


  • Page 1. Physica 1OOA (1980) 443-45 1 @ North-Holland Publishing Co. LONGITUDINAL STATIC SPIN SUSCEPTIBILITY OF THE HEISENBERG FERROMAGNET AT TC T, VP KALASHNIKOV and MI AUSLENDER Institute of Metal Physics Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Sverdlovsk, USSR Received 12 June 1979 An interpolation formula for the longitudinal static susceptibility of the Heisenberg ferro- magnet is derived. The result is shown to have correct temperature and magnetic field depen- dencies at low temperatures as well as in the viciqity of the Curie point. 1. Introduction The static isothermal susceptibility tensor of a spin system is defined as follows, (/_&, V = 0, k), (1.1) Here the S, are the Fourier components of the spin density vector, N is the total number of spins, and I (A, B) = 1 dr(AA exp(hprL)AB), 0 AA=A-(A), LA=;[H,A]. The symbol ( > denotes the thermal (1.2) …

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  • February 29, 1980