Significance of the hyperfine interactions in the phase diagram of LiH xy1-xF4 Academic Article uri icon


  • We consider the quantum magnet $\rm LiHo_xY_{1-x}F_4$ at $x = 0.167$. Experimentally the spin glass to paramagnet transition in this system was studied as a function of the transverse magnetic field and temperature, showing peculiar features: for example (i) the spin glass order is destroyed much faster by thermal fluctuations than by the transverse field; and (ii) the cusp in the nonlinear susceptibility signaling the glass state {\it decreases} in size at lower temperature. Here we show that the hyperfine interactions of the Ho atom must dominate in this system, and that along with the transverse inter-Ho dipolar interactions they dictate the structure of the phase diagram. The experimental observations are shown to be natural consequences of this.

publication date

  • January 1, 2005