A new nanocrystalline binary phase: synthesis and properties of cubic tin monoselenide Academic Article uri icon


  • A new nanometric cubic binary phase of the tin mono-selenide system, π-SnSe, was obtained as cube shaped nanoparticles. Its structure and atomic positions were adopted from previously reported π-SnS (P213, a0= 11.7 Å). The proposed structure model of π- SnSe, with 64 atoms per unit cell, was refined against experimental X-ray diffraction using Rietveld method (a0= 11.9702 (9) Å; Rp= 1.65 Rwp= 2.11). The optical properties of this new cubic SnSe phase were characterized by Raman and optical absorption spectroscopies. The optical band gap was assessed to be indirect, with Eg= 1.28 eV (in the near infrared), compared to Eg= 0.9 eV (indirect) and 1.3 eV (direct) for the conventional orthorhombic phase of α-SnSe. Raman spectroscopy indicated significant phonon restraining, which is likely to be beneficial for thermoelectric applications. Since the new …

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  • January 1, 2016