Pseudonondiffracting slitlike beam and its analogy to the pseudonondispersing pulse Academic Article uri icon


  • r, u, zd are the cylindrical coordinates. This solution is attractive because the intensity distribution in the entire space is independent of the z coordinate and the transverse intensity profile has the shape of a pulse (beamlike shape). This solution, however, exists in three-dimensional space, whereas the temporal pulse lives in the two-dimensional (2D) time propagation axis domain (t, zd. Therefore, the analogy of the temporal dispersive domain holds completely only for the 2-D spatial diffractive domain (x, z). As we see, reducing the dimensions of the Bessel beam strictly from (r, u, z)to(x,z) does not lead to satisfactory results. The aim of this Letter is to point out a new kind of pseudonondiffracting (PND) beam, characterized by a constant intensity along the propagation axis

publication date

  • January 1, 1995